Microsoft Teams enables you to host and participate in more productive meetings and invite anyone to join you. This makes Teams a perfect solution where you can communicate and meet with anyone inside or outside your organization – even if they are not a Teams user. This blog offers nine tips to having more productive meetings with attendees in and outside your organization.

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It’s no secret that modern consumers are unforgiving. But then again, never before have businesses been armed with so many options for creating exceptional experiences, and becoming more efficient organizations.

Digital transformation has become the great equalizer between large and small to medium-sized retailers, and thanks to tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365, turning revenue-increasing initiatives into reality is easier than ever.

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According to Verizon’s Mobile Security Index (MSI) 2020, 39 percent of organizations admitted that they’ve experienced a security compromise involving a mobile device. This becomes much more concerning when you consider that the average loss from a successful business-email compromise attack is nearly $130,000. However, despite the risk and huge losses, only 13 percent of enterprises have adopted regular security screening, data encryption, need-to-know access, and no default passwords corporate wide.

So why are companies actively putting themselves at such risk, and what solutions are currently available to protect them from the latest security threats? Learn the answer to these questions and obtain greater insights into today’s mobile cybersecurity landscape in this article.

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