Some would argue that grocery shopping, price tags, and offers go hand in hand. However, traditional paper coupons and price tags are extremely inefficient. First and foremost, they’re the opposite of environmentally friendly and most of them end up as unrecycled waste. Then there’s the issue of production costs, which not only include the production of thousands of assets, but also the logistics of their storage and distribution. Lastly, there’s the manual effort involved in changing, including, or updating hundreds of price tags across retail stores.

Thankfully, digital transformation has allowed for creative and effective ways for grocery stores to leave paper behind forever. In this video, you’ll learn how retail industry giant Kroger is leading the way to more efficient, impactful, and eco-friendly supermarket experiences.

In the era of cloud-first and mobile-first technology, productivity and security go hand in hand. This means that when utilizing digital tools, the fact that your data remains secure, encrypted, and in the right hands is just as important—if not more so—than the increase in productivity obtained by using them. Therefore, choosing the correct applications involves a careful understanding of their features so you can avoid leaving your business unprotected or putting a strain on productivity with secure but stiff software.

With this infographic, you’ll gain a better understanding of how Microsoft 365 not only empowers your employees with tried-and-true productivity features, but also delivers on four key security pillars that ensure enterprise-wide security.

View: The four pillars of Microsoft 365 enterprise security