In the era of cloud-first and mobile-first technology, productivity and security go hand in hand. This means that when utilizing digital tools, the fact that your data remains secure, encrypted, and in the right hands is just as important—if not more so—than the increase in productivity obtained by using them. Therefore, choosing the correct applications involves a careful understanding of their features so you can avoid leaving your business unprotected or putting a strain on productivity with secure but stiff software.

With this infographic, you’ll gain a better understanding of how Microsoft 365 not only empowers your employees with tried-and-true productivity features, but also delivers on four key security pillars that ensure enterprise-wide security.

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Microsoft Teams provides virtual solutions in response to an unexpected crisis.

For three generations, the Bianchini family has been creating exceptional wines on their idyllic estate, maintaining the traditions of a historic estate while staying one step ahead of the latest developments in the world of wine. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and trade shows postponed and international travel impossible, everything changed. The Ciacci winery responded by turning to Microsoft Teams. To keep the business thriving, they moved quickly to replace in-person gatherings with virtual wine tastings using Teams meetings. Family members also used Teams to work together and connect with partners and suppliers, making the adjustment a perfect balance of tradition and technology.

In an interconnected, constantly moving world, reaching thousands—or even millions—of citizens requires governments to go above and beyond traditional media outlets. Providing access to services through mobile applications is therefore essential to guarantee the availability of public services and ensure that citizens have an open channel to communicate their needs and concerns. Furthermore, supporting public employees with flexible mobile tools can empower them to do increasingly more effective field work and become more efficient with their time.

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