Boys & Girls Clubs of America underwent a digital transformation that’s making a positive impact across the nation. To extend the organization’s reach, they created a youth-facing platform with 125 learning activities, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, hosted by Microsoft Azure, and supported by Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to find out how we can help you transform your organization with Microsoft Office 365 enterprise solutions.

Faster innovation and technology that enables 24/7 communication n on any device has driven an unprecedented demand for employee collaboration. In this article, you’ll learn from thought leaders about the phenomenon collaborative overload and how businesses can use tools to enable efficient collaboration while cultivating a culture that will empower employees to set boundaries that will ultimately combat burnout and drive greater productivity long-term. Contact Federal and SLED Solutions LLC to let us help you set up Microsoft Office 365 so you can help your teams work together more efficiently.

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PAVELKA-VTP is a Czech family water engineering firm that found itself still working in paper operations despite 20 years of rapid growth. In the video, you’ll learn how they were able to leverage Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 to empower their highly-mobile engineer force with all of the data and solutions to complete a job on their mobile devices anywhere. After you watch the video, contact Federal and SLED Solutions LLC so we can help you drive collaboration and productivity among your workforce with Office 365.