Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems has been building precision surveying equipment since 1921. In 1993, building from reflectorless technology that revolutionized land surveying, Leica introduced the first handheld laser distance meter.

Even this first generation DISTO had features that went well-beyond simple “point and shoot” measurement. Take those two “on” buttons, for example. Press the upper one to measure from the front, or the lower one to measure from the back. They are the ancestors of the intelligent endpiece DISTOs use today.

For over twenty years, the DISTO team has been hard at work, incorporating advancements in technology to make DISTOs smaller, lighter, more powerful, and ever more useful. In the years since that first DISTO, new products such as Lino laser levels and the 3D DISTO have been added to a long line of precision measuring equipment.

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